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Hi everyone, I’m Holly Garcia. Welcome to my site about performing arts. As a mixed media artist, I am always trying to find new ways to showcase my works. I began by placing my items in local galleries for public display. The gallery nights tend to attract the same group of individuals time after time, however. To branch out, I decided to work performing arts into my displays. I want to use this site to explore the various ways you can draw in huge crowds to your artist exhibits using performing arts. I will discuss the methods I currently use and continually develop. Please visit again soon.

Talking About Performing Arts Techniques

How Adult Dance Classes Can Make You Less Awkward, Change Your Body Image And Raise Your Self-Esteem

by Eeli Leinonen

Adult dance classes provide many of the same opportunities and benefits to adult dancers that children and teens have. You learn to be more graceful as you learn how and where to plant your feet, and your weight over your feet. It does not matter if you weigh ninety pounds or two hundred ninety pounds--you can still look like you have been dancing your whole life. If you want to learn more about dance and become less socially awkward, change your body image or your body, and raise your self-esteem, here is how.

Your Weight Does Not Affect Your Ability to Dance

A really good example of how weight does not always govern the ability to dance is the Chippendales skit from Saturday Night Live, starring Chris Farley and Patrick Swayze. Although Swayze clearly embodied the stereotypical dancer with a fit body, Chris Farley proved that even heavy people can be agile and flexible. Your weight should not hold you back, because dance is excellent cardio fitness, and you can lose weight while you build confidence in yourself and your body.

Fat Shaming Does Not Exist

Belly dancers are not afraid to flaunt their tummies, regardless of flab or tone. Tap dancers have fallen into the range of overly skinny to pleasantly plump. Ballroom, salsa and swing dancers have adapted to their own levels of physical fitness and still dance well. There is no fat shaming in dance, and you can feel more at ease just by attending an adult class and witnessing this for yourself. The only form of dance that demands that dancers be incredibly thin is ballet, and that is only if you plan on making a career out of it. Otherwise, more muscular and thicker adults have taken ballet too, for the physical fitness it provides.

Adult Lessons and Dance Clubs

There are some adult dance studios that not only teach you to dance with a partner or stranger, but also provide you with a membership to come to regularly scheduled social dance events. This is an excellent way to meet other people who are just as timid or may feel just as awkward as you do. Sometimes these social dance and learning clubs are the best thing for adults that are new to dancing, because it allows them to relax and feel more comfortable with people in class and in a social scene. Once you have gained enough confidence this way, you will be ready to go out to nightclubs and show off your new moves.

To learn more about adult dance classes, contact a dance studio like Jazz Unlimited Studio of Arts